50 million daily views available

priced on a cost per thousand impressions model.

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want 50 million people to view your twitter page tomorrow? no problem.

how about 15 million extra views on your top influencers tweet? we've got you covered.

we amplify tweets to an untapped audience at scale.

we stretch your account content and influencer budgets further.  

cpm: amplify combines the authenticity of influencer marketing with the scalability of media buying.

Better said, we can make anything go viral


The Process


identify post to be amplified. we're happy to consult in this process


posts are retweeted by our influencer network. through our proprietary algorithm, the tweets are retweeted for a select amount of time to reach their scale.


as posts appear in the newsfeed of millions, users retweet the content, acting as influencers on your behalf and creating a viral snowball effect.